Contaminated water is the most common cause of illness to mankind. Around 60% of diseases caused to human beings are water-borne, with children below 5 years more susceptible. One of the most usual ways of drinking water getting contaminated, is through water storage tanks - the cleaning of which is either neglected or inappropriate means like the services of a local plumber, sweepers/casual laborers, watchmen or Unprofessional Fly-by-night Mechanized Tank Cleaners are engaged.

Though Household Water Purifiers form an integral part in most urban homes, many times it is found that they are not working effectively due to lack of regular maintenance and proper cleaning of filters.

A clean water source enhances the life of the components of water purifiers, making them more effective. As such, having an unmaintained water purifier gives only a psychological satisfaction of having consumed safe drinking water.

In addition to drinking, water is used for other household chores like cooking, washing & bathing and also brushing teeth every morning! If the input water is not clean, we are still exposed to deadly water borne diseases!!

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