Superior Features of Kingspan RHINO Tanks

Less expensive than RCC
Design life of sixty years.
Lowest life-cycle cost among all commonly used liquid storage tanks (RCC, Welded steel MS, MS-RL)
Zinc-alume steel shell --totally corrosion proof.
Hydrashield multi-layer polyethylene liner, metallocene-backed, scrim fabric re-inforced --totally leak-proof.
Easy capacity- enhancement at low cost.
Zero - maintenance
Simple, low-cost ring-beam foundation, quick consruction.
Ten Year Pro-Rata Conditional Warranty for Treated Water tanks.
Short erection time --- 200 KL tank erected in three days
Portable: easily dis-mantled, transported and re-erected in a different location in days.
Sacrificial magnesium anode for back-up corrosion protection.
Nation-wide after sales back-up from TANCLEAN with 500 service point across India.