Challenges Successfully Executed

Name of Client: Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine Board
Location: Katra to Vaishno Devi Temple Complex
Brief from Client: Vaishno Devi’s natural sources of water are the streams from the Tirkuta Hills. This water contains lime which makes it sticky and leads to sludge formation in the water storage tanks. These tanks installed at specific intervals on the entire journey route are primarily used for drinking by the pilgrims as a free resource. Manual cleaning is practically not possible due to their sheer numbers and inaccessible locations.

Inaccessible geographical location of the water storage tanks was the major hindrance in cleaning the tanks through the usual process of tank cleaning adopted by Tanclean. This was aggravated by the lack of mechanized transportation preventing easy carriage of the tank cleaning equipment.

How were the Challenges tackled:
In the absence of mechanized transportation vehicles, porters were hired to ferry the equipment in addition to push trolleys. In most areas due to the absence of power source, portable generators were used to run the vacuum cleaning equipment and the pumps

Project summary:
10 people were involved in the cleaning of more than 600 tanks ranging from 500 liters to 2 lac. liter capacities in a record period of 30 days. Due to the potentially dangerous mountain terrain, all possible safety measures were taken including safety belt and helmets. High pressure vacuum pumps were used to draw out the sludge caused by lime deposits. These lead to the gradual decline of the frequent problem of gall bladder stones among the people permanently dependent on this water source. Apart from this virtually millions of devotees are benefitted with this project every year as they now have access to safe drinking water throughout the year.

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